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Yogi Paliwal hails from the Pacific Northwest and now resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. His comedy has been featured at the Sasquatch Music Festival, the Neptune Theatre opening for Tig Notaro and at festivals around the U.S and Canada. He co-produces the standup web series No Your Cool featuring New York Cities funniest freshest comedians. Yogi is also a partner of Light at 3 records a comedy label based in New York.

His eccentric personal style, and commanding stage prescience add to his ability to breakdown biases people hold about one another. His standard for his comedy is to always be consistent, have substance, be hilarious and unpredictably silly. His act is a hint of genius in a stew of snake oil.

If you were to ask Yogi how would you describe your standup? He’d say it’s “Intellectual absurdity.” If you asked him what that means he would say, “My material isn’t smart, but you need to be smart to see how stupid the joke is.”


"his international orientation helps him stand out as a comedian, whether he’s making audiences both cringe and laugh about poverty in the developing world or complaining about how “pompous” the American flag is (it has too many stars)."
Seattle Times
He leaves for New York with an established sensibility, a handful of successful productions and festival credits, and enough youthful optimism to warm him through the brutal East Coast winter.
City Arts

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